In the Holy Municipal Building   on the 22-9-05


Protocol Number F2.3.6/14


            (Seal)   To the Greek Postal Office

                        At Karyes, [Mount Athos]


Announcement: To the Main Greek Postal Offices, in Athens [ Greece ]


With the present letter signed and stamped with the Holy Seal of our Monastery, we request the granting of a new postal box at the [Postal] Office at Karyes, with our name Holy Monastery Esphigmenou. We ask that you close any existing box and transfer all it contains to our new Postal Box.  From now on, place within this box all that comes through your office and has as the recipient the “Holy Monastery Esphigmenou” or, any of its places on the Holy Mountain.

We make known to you that no one is to have access to the above postal box, without our permission, except those who place the mail in it with a corresponding key. 

We enclose for your information an excerpt, relative to the decision of our Holy Community,


No. 1440/2005.


We therefore conclude, with respect and blessings.


The Abbot of the Holy Monastery Esphigmenou

(signature) Archimandrite Chrysostomos

And the brothers in Christ with me