November 2008


Thessaloniki Court: Acquits Esphigmenou Monks


The Third Court of Appeals in Thessaloniki, Greece announced their decision and found no evidence that the Esphigmenou Monks were guilty of the charge of disturbing the peace.  The incident took place back in 2005.  Some of the incident was video taped by the Esphigmenou Monks, and it clearly shows a violent attack perpetrated "on them" and "not by them".  The sinister attack on the monks of Esphigmenou with a sledgehammer made news around the world and video of it  (see below) aired showing the shocking details.  It was clearly an embarrassment for not only the Greek Government and Patriarch Bartholomew but also all those who opposed Esphigmenou. The over zealous prosecutor in Thessalonki, however, thought it a good idea to pursue charges.  No charges shockingly enough were ever brought upon the sledgehammer wielding monks outside but only to the defenseless Esphigmenou monks held up behind the locked wooden door.


Esphigmenou building being attacked with sledgehammers by imposter monks of Patriarch Bartholomew  

August 19, 2008


Patriarch refuses dialogue  


Who to Call/Fax:

From the US, first dial 011-30-23770  then the below numbers

From Europe dial 00-30-23770 then the below numbers


Dionysiou                                 23687              23686

Pantokratoros                           23253              23685

St. Paul's                                  23250              23355

Simonopetra                            23254              23707

Xeropotamou                           23251              23733  

June 10, 2008


The assault of Esphigmenou Monastery has been thwarted.  Thanks to the many phone calls and emails to the Greek Government, the police forces have been recalled.  Please continue to contact government officials both in Greece, USA and your own government to end the persecution of Esphigmenou Monastery.  


June 2, 2008 Armed Greek Police Plan to Forcibly Remove Peaceful Monks


BBC Report and video showing sledgehammer attack


May 23, 2008


Apparently the continued peaceful praying of the monks cloistered in their monastery has become too much to bear for the local Greek prosecutor, Vassilis Floridis.  He has asked that the monks be forcibly removed from Esphigmenou monastery, the only home they know, and either thrown into jail, or discarded onto the streets of Greece .  Like a zealot bent on the total destruction of his enemy, the Greek prosecutor has become a persecutor against these peaceful monks.  Unable to shatter their continued peaceful life of prayer by dragging them into court on a series of concocted charges, he now wants to use the tool of choice that enemies of the church have used throughout history force of arms.


April 2008


In continued, non-stop harassment and vicious persecution of Esphigmenou by the Government of Greece, Patriarch Bartholomew and the imposter brotherhood on Mt. Athos, 7 Monks from Esphigmenou Monastery are to be put on trail this May in Thesaloniki, Greece for illegally occupying their own monastery.  


Pictured above: The 2 Esphigmenou Monks are the latest deaths in a Greek Government blockade that is killing innocent monks.