The Honorable Petros G. Molyviatis

Minister of Foreign Affairs                                                     November 07, 2005                          

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Athens – GREECE


          Re:   The Esfigmenou Monastery



Dear Mr. Minister,

We are a group of deeply concerned Greeks who are striving day in-day out to preserve and hold uncontaminated the principles of Hellenism and safeguard the Hellenic identity, worldwide.  Normally this is the collective responsibility of the elected government!  However, understanding the pressures that government officials like you have from both internal and external groups of “special interests” to take or desist from taking action on an issue we feel justified and content to provide you with the public platform upon which to stand and take the appropriate action.

This platform is our voice and call upon you to defend the above mentioned principles. 

Hellenism, that you have been privileged to represent in the world, is besieged by the subtle forces of globalization.  Cultures are being forced to evolve to accommodate the American-generated drive for economic efficiencies.  Such evolution is not possible unless cultural values change.  This is exactly the case that we are facing with the Monastery of Esfigmenou, or for that matter, any other institutionally potent historic milestone that has been deeply ingrained into the Greek culture. 

Certainly, you know the dynamics of the Patriarchate in Constantinople.  By definition, the Patriarchate has to be a center of ecclesiastical political expediency, under which dogma gives way to politically-driven objectives. 

The Patriarchate is in communication with other religious centers, much like a government would be in communication with other governments.  As a result, compromise is the realm of negotiations.  Therefore, such centers become catalysts for change.  Such change must be resisted on principle and because it is by definition capricious and authoritarian lacking judiciousness.

We, therefore, plead that you stand up and prevent such iniquity.

Your reply to our concerns will be appreciated.

With kindest regards,


Constantine G. Polychroniou, Ph.D.                                    John N. Kallianiotis, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing and International Business               Professor of Finance

College of Business                                                             Kania School of Management

University of Cincinnati                                                        University of Scranton


Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.                                                 Andrew G. Witko

Professor of Chemistry                                                         Secondary French Teacher

University of California                                                         Scranton, PA, U.S.A.


Nicholas J. Kallianiotis                                                         Marina Papageorgiou
Photojournalist, N.Y.                                                           N.Y.

Please send all communication to:

Constantine G. Polychroniou, Ph.D.                                      
Professor of Marketing and International Business              
College of Business                                                              
University of Cincinnati

P.O. Box 210145

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0145