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London,  WC1X 0DW                                                     November 07, 2005



We have visited your website but did not find any information on the unfolding events in the Monastery of Esfigmenou in Mt. Athos, Greece.  Are you aware that religious leaders have been and continue to terrorize the most peaceful, serene, innocuous and legitimate people among us?  You need to visit on this issue and protect these defenseless monks whose only defense is their praying-rosary.  Here is a link for your update:

You may be concerned and actively engaged in highly publicized cases such as the Abu Ghraib abuse and Guantanamo’s detainees, however, there are other human rights violations that are not less severe. 

In summary, the Greek government, disregarding the principle of separation of Church and State, is using security forces, e.g., police, to blockade the Monastery, and starve the elderly monks of food, badly needed medications and heating fuel.

In the interim, an impostor monastery – under the same name – has been set up to receive all external communication intended for the authentic monastery.  How criminal! 

The disgusting treatment of those defenseless monks by the Patriarch of Constantinople, who uses the Greek government as a tool by which to legitimize its “terror” upon the monks is unheard of and repulsive in this day and age! 

This is a festering problem that is not going away!  Basic human rights, such as the right to shelter and food CANNOT be deprived or even used to torture or force someone into submission.  You MUST intervene because the Greek government or other world institutions are ill-fated and prisoners to global forces of integration and lack the will to represent their electorate.  The Greek government, serving the interests of the Patriarchate and not those of its direct voters is in explicit and implicit violation of its mandate to govern.  Non-government organizations like yourself is the last hope of the minority!

Please take IMMEDIATE action to avert further abuse which, if continued, is likely to result in unnecessary upheaval.

We would appreciate your posting this as a WORTHY event in your official website and take action in support of the “powerless”! 

Very sincerely,


Constantine G. Polychroniou, Ph.D.                                    John N. Kallianiotis, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing and International Business               Professor of Finance

College of Business                                                             Kania School of Management

University of Cincinnati                                                        University of Scranton


Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.                                                 Andrew G. Witko

Professor of Chemistry                                                         Secondary French Teacher

University of California                                                         Scranton, PA, U.S.A.


Nicholas J. Kallianiotis                                                         Marina Papageorgiou
Photojournalist, N.Y.                                                           N.Y.

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Constantine G. Polychroniou, Ph.D.                                      
Professor of Marketing and International Business              
College of Business                                                              
University of Cincinnati

P.O. Box 210145

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0145